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Adriana Piscitelli

Adriana Piscitelli is a feminist social anthropologist, Professor at the University of Campinas/Unicamp (Brazil) and Senior Researcher at the Unicamp’s Centre for Gender Studies. During the last twelve years she has been engaged in studies focusing on transnational sex and marriage markets and human trafficking. She is the author of ‘Revisiting Notions of Sex Trafficking and Victims’ (2012), Vibrant – Brazilian Virtual Anthropology, Vol 9, no. 1-1: 275-310, at:

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Hania Sholkamy

Hania Sholkamy is an Egyptian anthropologist with a PhD from the London School of Economics and Political Sciences, University of London. She is currently assistant research professor at the Social Research Center of the AUC. Her research interests and publications are mainly in the fields of health, particularly reproductive health, gender, population and qualitative methods. She has co-edited two volumes, Categories and Contexts: Anthropological and Historical Studies in Critical Demography (OUP) with S. Szreter and A. Dharmalingam and Health and Identity in Egypt (AUC press) with F. Ghanam. She is the convenor of the Pathways of Women’s Empowerment Arab Hub.

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Heba Raouf

Heba Raouf has taught political theory at Cairo University since 1987 and at the American University in Cairo since 2006. Her articles and publications in Arabic include Women and Politics: An Islamic Perspective (International Institute of Islamic Thought) and “The Political Imagination of Islamists: A Conceptual Analysis” in : Islamists and Democrats (Al-Ahram Center for Strategic Studies) as well as chapters in English in Globalization, Gender and Religion (Palgrave) and Islam in Transition (Oxford University Press). She is a contributor to Islam Online and the Middle East and North Africa convener for the Building Global Democracy Programme.

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Islah Jad

Islah Jad is a Ph.D holder from SOAS (School of African and Asian Studies), University of London, she lectures on gender and politics in the Women’s Studies Institute and Cultural Studies Department at Birzeit University. Recent publications include: ‘The ‘NGOisation’ of the Arab Women’s Movement’, in Andrea Cornwall, Elizabeth Harrison and Ann Whitehead (eds.) Feminisms in Development: Contradictions, Contestations and Challenges, Zed Books. London (2007) and ‘Islamic Jihad’, in Cheryl A. Rubenberg (ed.) Encyclopedia of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Lynne Rienner Publishers, Boulder (2010).

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